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As the Director of Creative Momentum, Julie Fraser brings a wealth of knowledge gained from more than twenty-five years of experience in education, not for profit and public service sectors. With roles ranging from volunteer to front-line staff and senior management, she brings a broad understanding of organizations at many levels. Skilled in using the tools of evaluation, research and performance measurement, Julie balances this with an empowerment-based philosophy of training and facilitation. More importantly, Julie brings a true passion for change and a commitment to social betterment.

With a Masters in Adult Clinical Psychology and a Doctorate in Applied Social Psychology from the University of Windsor, her formal training has ranged from a focus on individuals to organizations and the contexts that impact both. However, her academic background and training, paired with years of experience applying those skills in a real world context, are why Julie stands out.

She has made a career of supporting research, evaluation, and performance measurement in a number of areas. This spans intensive work in the far-ranging programs of public health including oral health, family health, chronic disease and injury prevention, and social determinants of health. Julie also has research and evaluation consulting practice across non-profit and municipal sectors with topics as diverse child care and early years planning, youth diversion,  student nutrition,  social inclusion in the LGBT+ community, domestic violence, problem gambling and adolescent sexual health.

A nationally recognized educator and Adjunct Professor at the University of Windsor, Julie’s many years of teaching laid the groundwork for her success as a trainer and facilitator, while her background in counselling and adult clinical psychology add sensitivity and sophistication to her practice. Supported by a broad facilitation background and demonstrated success, her commitment to an empowerment-based approach to training and facilitation is grounded in the belief that people are our strongest assets. Whether facilitating planning, conducting focus groups, or training to develop core competencies, Julie is an engaging and energetic communicator who can help you maximize the skills and knowledge of those around you for organizational growth and sustainability.

Julie’s passion for social change can also be seen in her volunteer work. She has been consistently involved with local organizations focusing on women, HIV/AIDS, as well as theatre and the arts. She is an avid annual supporter of the CIBC Run for the Cure and a strong believer in the importance of maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle. These things, along with a good dose of laughter and a worklife balance that includes enjoying time with her husband and two young children, are what keep her grounded in a busy world.

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